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We believe comprehensive strategic planning is the foundation for successful outcomes in general consulting and business success.


We start with strategy. Our consulting process begins with our client's mission and business plan. With expertise that goes well beyond the skill set of a traditional consultant, we assist clients with:


1.Market and feasibility analysis.

2.Organizational planning.

3.Client acquisition and selection.

4.Program development.

5.Business planning.


We ensure that we are building on a solid strategy before moving forward. This approach helps our clients improve operational efficiency, increase market share, define the right mix of services, and achieve bottom-line results.

At Klaus Investments, we can develop annual portfolio strategies, execute your roadmaps, and manage your portfolios and site plans. With a seasoned team that brings deep expertise and experience, we offer comprehensive solutions including strategic planning, lease administration, portfolio diagnostics, occupancy management, and flexible space options.


We take pride in providing expertise that drivs exceptional performance and strong margins. Identifying cost savings and operational efficiencies in real estate portfolios is crucial for bottom-line success.


Our approach involves end-to-end solutions and executable strategies. With a profound understanding of successful execution, our strategists collaborate to align strategy, reduce costs, provide clear direction, and deliver measurable value to our clients.

The geographical positioning of your organization holds strategic significance and carries substantial implications for operational success. Our team of experts specializes in delivering tailored and innovative solutions for organizations, generating positive returns that can only be achieved through a well-crafted location strategy. We assist you in identifying crucial locations by utilizing transparent and predictive data analytics, enabling you to gain a competitive edge and optimize operational savings and incentives.

For clients who want to own their facilities from inception, Klaus Investments offers comprehensive management services throughout the facility development process. Partnering with Klaus Investments on project management mitigates the risks of project delivery, including cost and schedule overruns, and allows clients to focus on their core business of delivering quality care. Klaus Investments' project management services include:


1.Assembling a qualified local team of architects, engineers, consultants, and a general contractor.

2.Managing day-to-day design and construction activities to meet budget, quality, and schedule objectives.

3.Coordinating with governmental jurisdictions to secure all required permits and approvals.

4. Consulting available at any stage of the project from design to construction to occupancy.

At Klaus Investments, we specialize in leasing spaces with expertise and care, ensuring a well-balanced mix of tenants and working diligently to meet their satisfaction. The success of owners translates to benefits for all parties involved. We closely collaborate with property owners and staff, aiming to attract a strategic blend of tenants and shielding owners from potential conflicts during lease negotiations and regulatory compliance. Our top priority is exceptional customer service, offering a transparent and smooth leasing process from beginning to end. Our approach involves establishing predictable tenant improvement costs early on and providing generous allowances for tenant improvements, along with flexible financing options for additional enhancements. We are committed to providing competitive lease rates and exploring opportunities for ownership. Understanding the unique challenges faced by owners, we focus on setting clear economic expectations, treating owners with respect, and negotiating leases tailored to their specific requirements. With a proven track record of successfully leasing commercial spaces, we possess extensive knowledge and experience in catering to the distinctive needs of owners.

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