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Our team brings diverse industry experience in commercial real estate, finance, private equity, and technology. We are dedicated to providing each client with the best experience to help them find the solution to their individual needs.


We were brought together by a shared vision of transforming real estate investing through technology - providing a new level of access to private transactions and streamlining the investment process. Our clients choose us because of our energy, passion, and experience. We work every day to find the best opportunities out there for our clients and continue to successfully stay ahead of a constantly changing Commercial Real Estate Industry.

  • Energy because we work irregular hour and if needed put in extra time to make sure the job is done correctly.


  • Passion because we do not take no as an answer, we continue to search for bigger and better opportunities for our clients. 


  • Experience because all together we hold more than 20 years of Real Estate knowledge.  


Klaus Investments invites you to give us the opportunity to share with you the experience and realization of your goals. We will help you with the purchase of commercial real estate, your investment, and your exit strategy. We will help you build your future.

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The company and Mr. Klaus are the best simple as that !, looking forward to working with him many times over in the future

J Bach

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