Steps to Home Ownership  (5-8)

STEP 5: Shop for a real estate agent who will search for suitable properties, represent your interests and negotiate on your behalf. A buyer's representative can evaluate the properties you view.

STEP 6: Go into detail when describing to your agent what you want in a home: number of bathrooms and bedrooms, attached garage, land and anything else that may be important, like good light or a big enough yard for the kids. If your agent shows you homes that aren't what you want, find another one who listens more attentively.

STEP 7: Neighborhood and condition of nearby homes is important. The area in which your home is located is sometimes a bigger consideration than the home itself, since it has a major impact on your home's resale value. The golden rule is Location, Location, and Location.

STEP 8: Visit properties you're seriously interested in at various times of the day to check traffic and congestion, available parking, noise levels and general activities. At first it may be peaceful neighborhood but at lunch time or for commuting it may become noisy and dangerous.

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